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What is Branded Real Estate?

Branded real estate is a property that is affiliated, usually by design and servicing, to a prestigious and well-known brand. These properties can include residential and hospitality developments.

Brand association instils buyer confidence through the assurance of a high level of service and usually an exceptional amenity offer. Buyers aren’t the only beneficiaries. There are significant advantages for developers and the brand themselves as well.

How do they work?

Branded real estates are usually a partnership between a brand and a developer. The brand grants a licence to the developer to market and sell residences incorporating their brand. In some cases, the brand also manages and services the residential properties as part of an optional or mandatory rental programme.

Typical specification and services offered

Unit types and sizes vary depending on schemes and locations. Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) packages are mostly mandatory. High specification plays an important role in positioning a product, but it is no longer the sole differentiator for branded schemes, particularly in more mature markets.

What sets these schemes apart is the services on offer.

Hospitality Branded Real Estate includes concierge and housekeeping services and the use of hotel amenities (if affiliated to one), or in some cases, dedicated amenities.

Lifestyle Branded Real Estate emphasises on the design and aesthetics of the project. The buyer has a clear expectation of what the development will offer. 



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